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Leslie Kohler grew up in the small town of Loomis in northern California. After graduating high school, she moved to southern California’s Newport Beach area where she attended the University of California at Irvine. She achieved a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and acquired teaching certificates in both general education and special education. After fourteen years living in Newport Beach, she relocated to Arizona.


Leslie continued to teach until she became a stay-at-home mom to care for her two small children. This afforded her the opportunity to pursue her love of writing. Her professional work can be found in magazines and newspapers, such as: Highlights for Children, Skipping Stones, Listen, Positive Teens, the Arizona Republic, and her short story, Shadow of Darkness, appeared in Sisters In Crime Desert Sleuths 2011 Anthology, SoWest, So Wild.


Leslie went on to publish her first murder mystery, Sins of the Border, much of which is based upon her life.  Her second mystery, Disposable Lives, gives a unique glimpse of Leslie’s experiences with the Travellers, a secret society of modern day gypsy con artists.

Leslie currently works as an internet marketer in Phoenix, Arizona. She is also working on the next installment for the “Lives” series, Uninsured Lives, in which she recounts her real life encounters with a serial contract murderer.

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