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Maggie Leman leads a fairtale life in California's beautiful Newport Beach. But when cheating golfer husbands start getting knocked off with $899 Gitan environmental tote bags lying next to their bodies, and with the Travellers, modern day gypsy con artists, muscling their way into Newport society, Maggie fears she's bitten into a poison apple that's spewing its venom into her life. And when she suspects her husband of cheating, Maggie launches her own investigation into these sordid affairs.


What she finds is shocking. It appears Newport's blue blood is tinged with red. Does this deadly tide bleed from the Travellers? Or from the upper crust of the societal elite? Worse, can Maggie stop this deadly flow...or will her questions make her the next victim?




When a beloved local artist, known for her efforts to aid Hispanic immigrants, is brutally murdered, Lila Morrison, newspaper reporter turned suburban housewife, finds her world turned upside down. After all, this is Scottsdale, Arizona—a desert oasis where tourists come to lie by the pool and soak up the sun. It's not the type of place you'd expect to find murder—and cheating spouses. And what's more shocking is the fact that Lila's best friend is pinpointed as the number one suspect. Determined to clear her pal, Lila dusts off her press pass and sets out to find the culprit.


Lila goes head-to-head with the husky but hardheaded Detective Garcia, who is none too happy with her snooping. She pushes ahead using her savvy investigative skills, along with advice from her three feisty girlfriends over flavored martinis, to follow the bloody murder trail.

Will Lila find the murderer before her friend is shipped off to prison in designer jailhouse duds? Or worse, will the killer find Lila first?



Look for the latest installment of the "Lives Series" as Maggie finds herself struggling to recover from her encounters with the Travellers. Just when she thinks these con artists are out of her life, a mysterious figure skips into Newport Beach, and into hers, via shady dealings in Detroit.


This novel is based on real life experiences Leslie had with a serial contract murderer.

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