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Loved this book. Her descriptive narrative paints a picture so that you feel like you are right there with the characters. Wonderful character development which keeps you on the edge. You think you are on the right track, and the plot turns a corner. Another twist and another character to thicken the plot and the intrigue. One of the "hard to put down" books. Can't wait for the next one.

-Nancy D. Herrick

I just finished reading Leslie Kohler's mystery, Disposable Lives. I absolutely loved it! It's a fast-paced read filled with intrigue, yet laced with humor. The main characters range from fun and quirky, to downright dangerous.

I loved how Disposable Lives lets the reader into the secret society of the Scottish Travellers. This is a group that I found to be extremely interesting, but is rarely written about. And I loved how the book, based in southern California, weaves the Disney theme throughout. I found this to be a unique twist.

If you are looking for a fun read, with surprises at every corner, pick up a copy of Disposable Lives.
-Deanna Patnode

In the second offering from this author, Disposable Lives, is a clever and engaging read. I thoroughly enjoyed the author's wit as she weaves a clever tale of murder, deception, high society, and an underworld populated with the Scottish Travelers society. It's a quick-moving story, with good character development. I hope Ms. Kohler writes a sequel featuring these more-than interesting characters.

-Auburn McCanta

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