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To All Great Souls Who Have Helped Me on This Journey!

Last night was a celebration of breakthroughs with my writing. First, my novel, Disposable Lives, was released via audio book. Later, my updated website went live and was received with positive feedback from my readers. Thank you! Sometimes accolades such as these are hard to accept as we writers are often our worst critic.

I’m fortunate to have Cathy Ann Rogers as my publisher, through Cathy always provides me the help and support I need. Often I feel my life is too full from my career working with students who have behavior problems. I’d come home, spent, feeling I didn’t have the energy or inspiration to write. Cathy would pump me up and give me the spark to work on my craft.

My other big shout out is to Annika Connor, an accomplished New York City actor and artist, whom after reading Disposable Lives, selfishly delved into narrating my novel. I find her talent and professionalism beyond amazing. I hope you, my friends and followers, will view my website’s Home Page that shares a sample of Annika’s narrating of Disposable lives.

I thank everyone who has not been mentioned in this post whom have supported me on my writing journey-the beginning of my journey.

With love…Leslie Kohler

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