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Welcome to my world of mystery and intrigue.

Enjoy the journey!

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Cocktails, Con Men, Conspiracy!

Slip into the secret society of the Travellers---modern day gypsies who will stop at nothing to win their deadly con games...Maggie Leman leads a fairy tale life in California's beautiful Newport Beach. But when cheating golfer husbands start getting knocked off, and with the Travellers muscling their way into Newport society, Maggie fears she's bitten into a poison apple that's spewing its venom into her life. And when she suspects her husband of cheating, Maggie launches her own investigation into these sordid affairs.


What she finds is shocking. It appears Newport's blue blood is tinged with red. Does this deadly tide bleed from the Travellers? Or from the upper crust of the societal elite? Worse, can Maggie stop this deadly flow...or will her questions make her the next victim?

New Audiobook Narrated by Annika Connor!

Listen to the sample here!

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